Digital Nomad's Review of the Escape Artist Website

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This is not so much a review as a recommendation. Whether you are looking for a job overseas, have an interest in writing travelogues, or want to purchase a yacht, The Escape Artist website is pretty much a website for one-stop shopping when you need to find a resource or do some quick research.

I have known about this website for several years and should have made a post earlier. It has been added to the Sovereign Journey Resource Link, so you can always refer back to it from this blog.

This website has been around since the late 90s, and is very deep in links. Several of the Technomads that I have featured on the Digital Nomads Blog, including the "Portable Professional" , have also been featured on In fact, Mark McMahon sells his "Portable Professional" ebook from this website.

Escape Artist has a series of monthly ezines that you can receive via email. These include, "Offshore Real Estate Magazine", "Escape Artist Travel Magazine", and my favorite "Caribbean Properties & Lifestyles Magazine". The only thing I can find wrong with Escape Artist is the fact that there is so much information that it is somewhat overwhelming.

This resource is of value to "expats", and anyone just nosing around to discover the possibilities of living the Sovereign Lifestyle.

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