"I Am Deeply Grateful to Have a Blog"

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Remember the phrase "Too Cool for School"? I am pretty sure most sovereign lifers don't fit the bill. I do not know for sure, but my guess is that most sovereign thinkers are probably more educated than most, probably are voracious readers, sponges for information, and continue on the path of self education for most of their adult life. I personally try to learn something new every day.

I wanted to post more information on Steli Efti's Supercool School and his concept of online education. Actually, Steli asked how I am involved in education. I told him that I just like to promote new learning ideas, which resulted in me being asked to participate in the alpha testing of whatever online tools they come up with at Supercool School.

Steli Efti is the kind of person who always aims towards doing better. He announced on his blog recently that he will start something regularly on his blog - taking a moment to say: "I am deeply grateful to have a blog". A good practice for anyone that wants to be passionate about blogging (you can even whisper it to yourself several times a day).

Steli is promoting the idea of "The Education Age". Here is a quote from his main blog:

"The information age is great. But now it´s time for the education age. This manifesto will teach you 6 things you can do to become a education revolutionary and will help you realize the solution to our education problem is YOU.
(I promise to never write a proposal again @4 am ;) vote now!"

Steli is sponsoring an online forum, "EduBlogger Event '07" that I plan to participate in, either as a presenter or by commenting on the subjects presented. Join us if you can. Here are some of the details:

WHEN: Saturday, 03/31/07

WHERE: Steli Efti´s Supercool Blog

WHAT: New Post and Speaker Every Half Hour
First Session: 10am - 1pm Pacific Time (GMT -7hrs)
Second Session: 2pm - 5pm Pacific Time (GMT -7hrs)

It´s all about new & revolutionary education concepts & ideas - meet speakers and attendees in the comment box for great conversations.

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