New Resources for Your Sovereign Journey

(Archived in: Expatriates Social Design Virtual Office)

I have been reporting on the Digital Nomads blog information relevant to an emerging community of "Portable Professionals" and "Digital Nomads". I did not want to do a double post and decided this information was more important to post here.

Gregory Moulinet from France (also Japan and US), turned me on to Nu Nomads and The Laptop Hobo. These are terrific resources from people who are working their online businesses using technology from multiple locations and countries.

These globe-trotting entrepreneurs were recently featured in "Business Week". Nu Nomads also has a blog, and a new forum. You can read the Business Week article and see how different people are living and working "when they want" from "where they want".

I plan to review these sites in detail and write more complete posts. The first glance and impression is that the nomads involved are very generous with providing information and resource information on how to live a Sovereign Lifestyle.

Living The Sovereign Life and Financial Freedom