A Personal Account of Dual Citizenship

(Archived in: Economic Citizenship Related Miscellany)

Here is post and article of one man's (family's) account with dual citizenship. This should be of interest to everyone as it involves the US and Canada. Go to Rich Wales (close window and return to this page). This information is periodically updated. Mr. Wales has kept a personal account in dealing with both governments as a dual citizen. It is not so much a legal analysis, but does give a comprehensive view of someone with experience in this arena.

Canada, by the way, does have a very large effort in place to attract desirable immigrants through their Economic Citizenship Program. In fact, many Chinese have immigrated to Canada over the years. There are large Chinese communities in both Toronto and Vancouver.

Before the reversion in 1997 of Hong Kong from a British Colony back to Chinese sovereignty, there was much concern on the part of Hong Kong Chinese that resulted in many people leaving Hong Kong. Not much changed in Hong Kong due to the "One China-Two Systems" government policy.

As a result, many of these people now travel back and forth maintaining dual citizenship, and having multiple residences and business interests in both Canada and China.

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