Social Design Beliefs that Confront Personal Freedom

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In today's world of ecommerce and pervasive nascent technologies, location become less of an
issue in everyday life. The nation-state model seems increasingly challenged by the opportunities of an integrated world economy.

Sovereign Individuals can pursue their lives and carry on just about any type of commerce from just about anywhere on this planet with the proper research, resources and planning.

This post is to paraphrase and present eight myths as described by David MacGregor. These eight myths may be preventing most people from living their dreams and the "Sovereign Life".

Myth Number One
The Myth of External Authority -There is no absolute authority over your life. You have to design your life and your affairs in such a way that you control your own destiny.

Myth Number Two
The Myth of Education - Most people cannot be taught any particular course of study. People only can learn, and only learn if and when they have the interest and desire.

Myth Number Three
The Myth of Equality - People simply are not equal by nature. We all have different IQs, different talents, and different goals.

Myth Number Four
The Myth of Being Victimized - Rarely are people unwittingly victims. Everyone should take responsibility for their own decisions and actions in life.

Myth Number Five
The Democracy Myth - True Democracy is inherently a bad idea. That's why the United States is a Republic and not a Democracy. Much has been written why the founding fathers of America distrusted the concept of majority rule. Quite simply, the majority consensus is not always the path to that what is morally correct and right.

Myth Number Six
The Myth of Nation-State - The long held beliefs of current social organization are currently being challenged in a new world economy. Top down bureaucracy is no longer effective in an increasingly complex world. Just watch the news, read a newspaper, or an online news feed.

Myth Number Seven
The Wealth Shortage Myth - Wealth is not static. Wealth is created every day from ideas. This is easily proven with the staggering economic growth of the industrial revolution, and more recently the boom in technology and the information age. Technology overcomes any perceived or real shortage.

Myth Number Eight
The Myth of Self Sacrifice - Historically the redistribution of wealth has not resulted in a better world. Giving of someone or something as a high moral action is ultimately not beneficial. Your own life should be your highest priority and highest value.

Your Belief system is who you are, and what you become. For a more in-depth review of these eight myths, link to "The Sovereign Manifesto" and follow the instructions to receive the entire report.

Living The Sovereign Life and Financial Freedom