The Sovereign Approach to Changing the Way We Think about Education

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An ongoing interest for all Sovereign Individuals should be the idea of self-education. In a recent post about Social Design Beliefs, a myth about education was exposed. Education is not something you can buy. It only happens when you are ready...and the joy of learning for many people is a life-long process.

Even though you cannot buy an education, this does not necessarily mean that learning is free. One aspect regarding the cost is the time that is devoted to the process. New concepts in learning abound on the Internet, and the computer has aided in the idea of "Distance Learning". Some say this is the future of education. A key phrase search on Google yields over 41 million results just on distance learning.

Educational materials and education programs are relentlessly advertised online. Web-based education and marketing of education is really big business. There are, however, many varied and interesting options available to the self starter. Since the inception of this blog I have had in the resource sidebar on the left a link to Bastiat Free Online University.

The resource link is actually a very interesting animated video (you can also check out the video here at another interesting website). This video is an introduction to the Bastiat Free University blog, but it also represents very well the ideals of the Sovereign Life concept.

Bastiat Free University is the Brain child of Allan Wallace, and is named after a renowned French philosopher, Claude Frédéric Bastiat .

Frederic Bastiat was a nineteenth century French statesman that spoke out for freedom and justice. Bastiat understood liberty and knew how to communicate his ideas. Bastiat was Pro consumer, small business, and private education; while being Anti monopoly and big government. Watch, read, and explore about this unique approach to self-directed learning.

Others also are developing new ideas about education. I have been corresponding via email with a German educator, Steli Efti ,who is developing a similar concept called The Education Revolution, and the "Super Cool School". Once this online school is up and running, I will do a more detailed post. I actually have signed up for information on classes.

Credits: Flash animation created by Lux Lucre based on a speech by Ken Schoolland, Author of "The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A free Market Odyssey"

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