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We now live in a world with a global economy that threatens borders and the nation-state model. Governments in general would prefer not to lose control of their borders and their citizens to more personal freedoms and the fundamental concepts of a "Sovereign Life".

Indeed, through social engineering the major premises of government include the protection of citizens, the providing of economic stability, the guarantee of certain civil services and the never ending promise of various entitlements, all in direct exchange for a national identity and a certain kind of servitude from the people to the government.

It really does not matter
whether the model is communism, socialism, democracy, or any other form of government. The major purpose of any government is to continually increase the size of bureaucracy and control its citizenry. History seems to bear out that this also is the eventual demise of all governments.

David MacGregor and his website "Sovereign Life" is a study and exchange of free thought. Many free thinkers and freedom lovers are occasionally intrigued with the idea of dropping out of society, working and living independent of government constraints, and therefore being able to travel and work freely from anywhere they wish.

It is MacGregor's belief that anyone has the power to live as a
"sovereign individual". This means having the power and the will to live your life on your own terms without any external authority, and avoiding the various restrictions that society and government would impose upon us.

MacGregor offers through his website a 7 part "Freedom MiniCourse", a weekly paid membership e-letter called "The Sovereign Life Report", and a free downloadable e-book entitled "The Sovereign Manifesto" . The central theme is "Achieve greater personal and financial freedom through international living and business".

You may find his mantra for living somewhat unorthodox and
contrarian. Even quite possibly achievable only through personal expense and some sacrifice. This includes taking total responsibility for your own life, and severing oneself from the perceived entitlements due us from government and society at large. In effect, becoming a responsible NetCitizen to achieve your goals.

There certainly are varying degrees of freedom and many different ways to achieve freedom. The most obvious is accumulating wealth. Anyone who has been fortunate to
accumulate wealth in a legitimate way has the ability to live life pretty much on their own terms.

However, take note that it seems that
David MacGregor has successfully attained his vision of "The Sovereign Life", starting his journey with a decision some 20 odd years ago with a commitment to find a way to be free.

As a free thinker, even if you do not buy into it totally, MacGregor's ideas presented in The
"Sovereign Life" are thought provoking and a worthwhile read.

Living The Sovereign Life and Financial Freedom