Stimulate Your Gray Matter by "Thinking" Like The Thinking Blog

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I hope to learn something from Ilker Yoldas and "The Thinking Blog". I think this is certainly someone with a plan. Whether it's working the social network sites like MyBlogLog, or creating online contests to create interest and drive traffic, I believe that Ilker has few peers.

Peers in terms of being capable of communicating a single mindedness and focus, capable in writing, design skill, and understanding the gift of online marketing.

To get the word out on my pet project, which happens to be making people "think" about their dwindling personal freedoms, I find that one of the best ways to drive traffic is to network by doing reviews of very popular blogs.

I am a professional writer, yet I don't feel that I can write as well as Ilker Yoldas. I have a degree in graphic design, yet my online design skills pale when compared to what Iker can visualize and make come alive. I have many years under my belt as a marketing professional, but don't have the flare for buzz that Ilker seems to create.

One example is Ilker's "Thinking Blog Award". This is a meme that was started in February and is still circulating around. Read an example of the type of blogs winning this award, and follow the meme by visiting thinker and writer Yang-May Ooi at the Fusion View blog.

The Thinking Blog continues as an influence of the possibilities that the Internet and emerging technology can play in helping free thinking individuals live life more on their own terms.

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