What's in Your Wallet? The Plan for 2025

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This cannot be termed a money conspiracy, simply because the plan is so obvious and out there for everyone to see. A global currency has been discussed on different levels for many decades. The reality of "Digital Cash" or some form of electronic "credits" and "debits" as portrayed in science fiction movies is probably what is more likely. In today's world credit cards and debit cards are the current form of digital currency.

Anyone that really understands the concept of banking can tell you the idea of central banking is inherently bad for many reasons, not the least of which is putting a small group of people in charge of monetary policy (let alone the notion of it being on a global scale). This falls in line with the eight myths from a previous post. Countries, like people, are not equal.

The value of a given currency should be in direct correlation to the productivity of the country it represents. This is what gives it its value, and this is what free trade is all about. People want something that is perceived to be of value. Would you rather have Mexican pesos or Swiss francs?

Central banks have been disasters throughout history. If you have the inclination to learn about the origins of paper money, and the chronological and historical accounts of central banking in plain English, pick up a copy of The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.

This post is specific to a website that without any debate openly has decided a Single Global Currency is a wonderful idea for all of us. These are a few comments from the website home page:

"This is the home page of the Single Global Currency Association, which is dedicated to the goal of implementing a single global currency by 2025. We shall achieve this goal through education and persuasion.

We believe that once the peoples (including their corporations and labor and other organizations) of the world understand the benefits of a single global currency, they will demand it from their governments. The single global currency is what the peoples of the world need, and it is what they want."

Isn't it terrific that a select few individuals have decided what we should want and need, and that they have a plan in place to educate and persuade us?

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