Forged Freedom

Guest Post by Lyn Winsor

When we think of personal freedom, we do not go far beyond our everyday lives. We don't think much about it at all. We take it for granted, we assume its presence in our lives, until we face losing that freedom.

It could be something as simple as publishing a statement that our leaders will consider radical; it is happening every day now. It could be that you thought you could send your child to school with a T-shirt that says God is King. It could be that you are part of a group that is proactive in upholding American laws, principles, and, ideals, which will classify you as a radical, militia, or worse... You see, if you simply go through life with blinders on, and, don't notice what is going on around you, or, you choose to ignore the obvious, you are risking your very rights to personal freedom.

Our personal freedoms are being whisked away, each day, whenever it suits some branch or stem of the government to do so. It could be that the American Civil Liberties Union and, other advocate groups, decided that freedom of speech should be grazed that there will be no active minds stating their views. It could be that you protest certain reforms, or war. It could be that you write in the privacy of your home about the state of the union. It could be that you carry a large cross, banner, flag, or other such symbolism. It could be that you have been singled out because you are a known rebel of current trends.

Whatever you do, may be subjected to being labeled and illegal, even though, you are not aware of it. Laws are being rewritten to make illegal immigrants feel at home, they are being revised due to increased homeland terrorist cells and supporters, which many of, are illegal immigrants, they are being reversed to fit the will of whom might think that you, a private citizen, is standing in the way of progress or peace.

This is important, you should keep your monitors on that you are aware of what has been deemed a revision in the freedom that you take for granted each day of your life as an American citizen.
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