How One Man Created Financial Freedom from Thin Air

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I recently was tagged by another blogger to write a post about goal setting. I made that "Gotta Get Goals" post at The SOHO Quest blog (return to this post).

This got me digging around on some of my saved bookmarks, and I decided to make a post here with regard to a website that has always motivated me. I have had a few online conversations on this with other online entrepreneurs. This should be of interest to most Sovereign Life Individuals.

This is the real life changing story of Bill Vaughn, a successful real estate investor and online entrepreneur. In 1990 he was homeless, living in a shelter in New Hampshire, and eating in soup kitchens. In less than five years, and by 1995, he built a profitable business starting with absolutely nothing. How did he do it? He did not focus on survivor mode, but where he wanted to be.

The author's account of how he accomplished this is entitled "Wealth from Thin Air" (return to this post). He shares ten ideas that he examined to reflect on his belief system to determine what needed to change. It is very inspirational and proves that "what you think" defines your belief system, and "what you believe" does indeed influence who you become.

Nothing to buy...just read it, absorb it, and share with others. I have this website permanently bookmarked, and so should you.

Living The Sovereign Life and Financial Freedom