I'm American... "Shhhh. Don't Tell!"

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Sometimes we forget that there are other Americans besides the citizens of the United States.
I represent the 7% of Americans that travel abroad each year.
The biggest cause of stress in my travels. I have learned that being an American is something you can no longer be proud of- well, at least if you have any knowledge of global affairs.
I understand the value of pride in opportunity, equality and justice- but NOT in nationalism for the sake of nationalism! And that is what is at stake here: American insular ideology. Traveling abroad has allowed me a new perspective on this skewed American self-image. I am grateful for my opportunities, my freedom, and my standard of living- but I am ashamed of my government’s corruption, my people’s ignorance and my nation’s neo-colonial egotism.
But you needn’t be a hardcore lefty to agree with me. All you need is to go abroad to be reminded of the global hatred toward our nation.
Not only is it not safe to be an American abroad, it is not tolerated!
“I am, uh… Canadian.”

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