Simple Successsful Habits

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I just posted in another blog that there are no "secrets", so I had to change this title. A few "simple things that make you successful" is the meme theme I was tagged for by Ray at Fresh Blogger. Glad I read his blog on a regular basis, whilst otherwise I would have not known that I was tagged.

Sounding kind of British there, and I guess I better lay off the UK and Aussie blogs. To meet my obligation, here are a few habits that have worked for me in the past.
  • Do what you loathe most first thing, and get it out of the way (It will give you a sense of accomplishment and make your day more productive)
  • Make lists and stick to them (Fewer than 10% of people make lists/making lists also keeps you more productive as you cross things off)
  • Learn something new every day (learn something new each day and you will start feeling smart)
  • Ask questions (Yes, ask and it shall be given to you. There are no dumb questions in the Blogosphere, and people are kind enough to help you out. No, you are not stupid)
  • Socialize and make new contacts (This is the whole idea behind the Interwebs and Social Networking, don't be shy)
This is my short list for now. Also, one more thing that always works..."buy low/sell high".

Without further ado, I tag the following fortunate people. Participate if you can. It does make for interesting conversation.

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