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This could be a controversial site, or a useful resource. Let the Free Thinkers and Sovereign Individuals decide for themselves, for this is what thinking for yourself and as a Sovereign Lifer is all about.

Please note the disclaimer for the "Build Freedom Website", have a look around and return to this post (also printed below). Build Freedom refers to itself as a gateway to thousands of freedom-oriented websites.

"DISCLAIMER: does not challenge or threaten the authority of any legitimate government. This information constitutes only the communication of information in accordance with the right to free speech. It does not constitute accounting, tax, or legal advice. READERS ARE PARTICULARLY URGED TO OBEY ALL LAWS."

For perhaps less radical views of the world and the voice for reason and hope, I alway like to visit Lyn at The New America! blog, and Carol at The My View Of It blog.

Living The Sovereign Life and Financial Freedom