Freedom Fridays - Links for May 25th

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A holiday weekend with Memorial Day coming up and a good time to think about your personal privacy and personal freedom (or the loss of same).

I did an internet search recently on the term "Freedom Fridays" and came across the idea of making a silent statement by "Wearing Red on Friday" as far back as May 2004 in several posts (see additional posts listed below for full explanation). That's three years ago. Think anything has changed? Actually, the concept is referenced as far back as the resistance movement in Norway Circa 1940.

Here is part of the post:

"...our Government is defining "freedom" in ways that make too many Americans perceive that it is risky to oppose the administration's policy? -- and, in particular, current inroads about individual freedoms and policies in the U.S. and abroad. However, many of us DO oppose what our government is doing to individual rights..."

There are many different viewpoints voiced. including ridicule, but in reference to the current political climate it does not feel to me like something that should be taken lightly.

Here are links to some of the other posts that mention Wearing Red on Fridays to make a statement. To get the full impact read all the posts and comments. As always...draw your own conclusions.

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