Friday Freedom Links for Sovereign Individuals

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Speed linking has become a popular way to showcase blogs and websites deserving of a mention. The Sovereign Journey will from time to time feature such sites with a new reoccurring (but not necessarily weekly) post called "Friday Freedom Links".

Often these will be references with links to individual bloggers that have made comments to this blog, weblogs that are members of social networking sites that this blog belongs to, or websites and blogs that are noteworthy because of content. Naturally, these links will have something relevant to share about personal privacy, personal freedom, or financial freedom.

This is the first installment of Friday Freedom Links, and the links of note that you should follow from this post are: Electronic Privacy Information Center - Review and oversight of Patriot Act and other important privacy issues, - A blog that asks good questions for people pursuing freedom, Steve Pavlina Website - a blog for all aspects of self improvement, and Go Think Blog, a jaded, but probably accurate view of political and world events that are risks to personal freedom.

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