15 Steps to Personal Privacy : Prelude to the Series

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Many people may question, or even have pause as to why the fuss for personal privacy. If you have similar questions, then you probably are not aware of your eroding freedoms, and quite honestly you are probably part of the problem and not the solution.

If you cop the attitude "I have nothing to hide", you are unfortunately part of this group. You have been duped into believing that your life should be an open book.

This series is not meant to convince you of any present and future threats. This series of posts is for those interested in taking some self directed action. As a prelude to this series, listed here are a few of the reasons why you may want to consider effecting a plan of action for protecting your privacy.

You have been or want to avoid being a victim of violent crime,
you have been or want to avoid being a victim of mistaken identity,
you have been or want to avoid being a victim of identity theft,
you have been or want to avoid being a victim of harassment,
you could be falsely accused or arrested,
you have been sued or want to avoid threats of being sued,
you want to protect your assets now and in the future,
you want to be as judgment proof as is legally possible,
you want to avoid or have had credit problems,
you want to avoid or have had debt issues,
you want to avoid having your name and personal information in public records,
you want to protect income and financial information,
you want to protect your real property,
you want to protect your personal property,
You want to protect the passing of your estate...

and of course, let's not forget your online identity and Internet security. This could be a short list, a long list, or a totally irrelevant list, depending on your occupation, income, social status, and your view, awareness, and your understanding of political, geopolitical and world events.

Please make comments on your views regarding this list. It may be more important than you think. - Digital Nomad

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