15 Steps to Your Personal Privacy

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How could you benefit as a Sovereign Individual if you knew how to arrange you affairs for Ultimate Personal Privacy? Here are just a few of the many benefits to be considered.

1) You will take back control of your personal privacy and security.
2) You will never easily be harassed by anyone again.
3) You will reduce the risk of identity theft and other personal crimes.
4) You may conduct transactions with near total anonymity.
5) You will vanish from computer data bases, and public records.
6) Only those you wish to know, will know your business & whereabouts.
7) You will become a poor target for any type of litigation.
8) You will own nothing and control everything.
9) You will be 99% judgment proof.
10) Your assets will be protected now and in the future.
11) Your estate will avoid probate when passing to your heirs.
12) You will use the law and the courts to your advantage.
13) You will have arranged your affairs to reduce your tax burden.
14) You will reduce the risk of illegal search and seizure.
15) You will never again be bothered by scam artists or solicitors.

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