Four Levels of Privacy: Part of the 15 Step Series

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It is hard to determine how much longer the following privacy guards will be available or legal to implement. Governments seek more controls, civil liberties continue to erode, and far too few individuals question the push for national IDs and a global society of growing and pervasive surveillance. Many may find the following strategies odd and possibly extreme.

The following conceptual levels of privacy are in large part taken from J.J. Luna as described in his book, "How to Be Invisible: A Step-By-Step Guide To Protecting Your Assets, Your Identity, And Your Life " (still worth a read).

Your telephone number is unlisted and your “permanent” mailing address is not connected to your “true residential address”. Perhaps you even do not have a hard line telephone, but rather rely on the mobility and convenience of one or more cellular phones. You now have more privacy than 98 percent of the general public.

Your utilities and telephone numbers are in nominee accounts, or secured by large security deposits. Your license plates and vehicle registrations do not reveal your legal name or true residential address. You are guarded about giving out your SSN (Social Security Number) and DOB (Date of Birth). Your legal name and true residential address are not criss-crossed in directories, mailing lists, or computer data bases. You shred all of your mail and monitor your trash before discarding it at home and at the office.

Your personal residence(s) and other real and personal property is legally owned by trusts, or other asset protection, or business entities. Each vehicle is in the name of a trust or LLC (Limited Liability Company). Your banking and business affairs are largely carried out by associates per your decisions and instructions. You never answer your door to strangers. When you travel you use a legal variation of your own name or an alter ego.

You no longer have a target painted on your back. You go quietly about your business, and don't draw attention to yourself or your actions. You live well, but are not flashy. Only close friends and business associates know your true whereabouts as you enjoy your travels around the country, or around the world. You have no magazine or newsletter subscriptions in your name. You have cut all ties with clubs and organizations. You will never work as an employee again. You may have dual citizenship, and even new and legal alternative ID.

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