Friday Freedom Links: 23 Days Left to Save The Internet

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Freedom links for this week all center around the issues of "Net Neutrality" (also "network neutrality", "Internet neutrality" or "NN"). Whether you are a serious blogger, have an online business, or are just a casual user of email to keep abreast of friends and family, you should be seriously concerned about government action (or inaction) that will ultimately equate to more eroding freedoms.

The issues are pretty cut and dry.

Network operators (phone and cable companies) want to charge content providers for enhanced IP services. Net Neutrality supporters (which should include you) want to keep from making the Internet the personal playground of big business. For highlights from the last year or so go to Net Neutrality Showdown at

Friday Freedom Links listed below are the links that you need to follow NOW to take action with less than 30 days and counting:

Save The Internet Dot Com
Public Urges FCC to Protect Net
FCC Commissioner Takes Stand
See How 100 Senators Stand
Sign The Petition
Call Elected Officials
Support with Your Blog
Tell five Friends

For information and implications of the the upcoming FCC auction of the 700 MHz spectrum, visit Net Neutrality post at RuggedNotebooksBlog.

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