Friday Freedom Links: More Media Monopoly Madness

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No big fan of bleeding heart liberals, or crazed right wingers either, but for those just concerned about loss of more freedoms, you may want to check out Stop Big Media Dot Com. This kind of plays into other reported scenarios about big biz.

We do not need to lose voice to multi-billion dollar media giants, creating less competition and even fewer options. The FCC looks poised to change the rules, allowing the big corps to buy up more TV channels, radio stations and newspapers (see the research and return to this post).

From The Website:
"The Coalition is an alliance of consumer, public interest, media reform, organized labor and other groups that have joined together to fight runaway media consolidation and urge the FCC to put public service before the self-interest of large media corporations."

Time to make a habit of calling your elected representatives and let them know where you stand.
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