Ghosts in the Machine for Friday Freedom Links

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The very first installment of Friday Freedom Links mentioned the exceptionally informative Canadian blog, "Ghosts in the Machine" as being well worth a special post. This blog by Sharon Herbert (Sherbert) is fairly new and is already getting much attention.

It has been nominated for two Blogger's Choice Awards and has won a Thinking Blogger Award.
It is refreshing to see someone in another country write about privacy concerns and review issues related to personal privacy and personal freedom.

A few of the recent posts have focused on US and Canadian security, one being a post on "Unmanned Drones" being deployed to fly the border, and a more recent article on what we may have to soon face with regard to "Biometrics and DNA" enabled security being introduced.

Take a few minutes to visit this blog (return to this post) and leave your comments here at The Sovereign Journey. Sharon does a great job of exploring issues related to knowledge management, digital identity and privacy, with a Canadian focus.

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