Personal Privacy Tips and Tricks

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In reviewing the "15 Steps to Personal Privacy Series", I realized that there are a few tricks I have learned over the years that I need to write as post scripts. I am going to call these Privacy Tips & Tricks, and post them as I think of them in no particular order.

What made me think about this was my last post on opting out of mailing lists. This is a trick I learned many years ago while employing the services of an attorney in Chicago. As I entered his office for our scheduled appointment, I found that he was sitting calmly at his desk loading down Business Reply Envelopes with the contents of the original unsolicited "Junk Mail" that he had received.

If he determined each individual envelope was not heavy enough, then he would wad up some extra scrap paper, a few things from the waste basket, or maybe other items on his desk like paper clips.

Perplexed, I asked what on earth he was trying to do. His response was that this was the quickest and easiest method to get off unwanted mailing lists.

Say what? What could the trick possibly be? The prepaid business return mail arrives back to the sender postage due, and yes it works.

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