Bandit Telephone Numbers - Privacy Tips and Tricks

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I have written about what I call "Bandit Telephone Numbers" before on other blogs, and most recently I have been writing about the Google Grand Central One Number for Life beta, and other telephony services at the Digital Nomads Blog.

One Number or Virtual Number services are really nothing new, in fact I had my first one over 10 years ago. They seem to be coming back in combination with no-cost and low-cost VoIP services, international callback and even video and conference calling supported by easy-to-use online interface services. You probably are thinking Skype and Vonage, but these are newer alternatives.

These numbers in combination with LD Services Like JAJAH and Click2Voice can easily be used to disguise your actual calling location. Since they can be used with cell phones, it is also possible to dump the legacy analog hard line into the house. I currently am beta testing Grand Central, and today just found Click2Voice in a search for new services.

You do have to have a computer and a high speed Internet connection, but as the telephone and computer continue to converge, wireless devices will become the norm. This also is the reason for the battle for open access and the control for the 700 MHz airways. This spectrum will be part of the morph into the third pipeline connectivity to the interwebs and a true wireless network for both voice and data.

There actually are enough options now to create you own local and remote calling network for personal privacy and security without spending a fortune, and in many cases you can even accomplish this for free.

It also is safe to say that you can throw away your telephone calling cards. There will be no reason to carry those around any more (if you at least have your cell phone handy). Please leave a comment with your experience or thoughts.

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