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Here is a tip from a comment left by a recent reader. You can read about the service called "Unlist Assist"
at Unlist Assist Dot Com. I have checked this out online and it does appear to be a legitimate service for those who do not have the time to do this on their own.

This relates to the series on personal privacy, and more specifically this is a paid service to help accomplish removing personal information from public records (Step Number 12). Of course, it would always be better to learn to do this on you own so you can understand the process. Also, I cannot vouche for how successful this company is in providing said services. There are no testimonials that I could find, nor case studies. So, caveat emptor (let the buyer beware). I do like the fact that the company is based in Wyoming for reasons I will not go into now.

From the Unlist Assist Website

"In 2006 I saw how far my personal information had spread on the Internet and I freaked out. I wanted to take back control of my information, and as a software architect, I knew how. Even still, it took over six months before I finally got across the finish line. But now I have control over the information I choose to make public." -Eric Busby, Founder/CEO

Unlist Assist is pretty straight forward in that they are charging a fee to do for you what you could do for yourself. The cost of $49 for this service is not unreasonable for the peace of mind that it could help you to achieve.

I would always urge everyone to take this step as one of the easiest ways to embark on a journey to a higher level of privacy. This lack of data prevents a full recommendation of Unlist Assist. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that you will get the desired results.

Notice and Disclaimer : This is not a paid post, an advertisement, nor an endorsement of the services offered by Unlist Assist.

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