More Orwellian Technolgy Being Passed Off as New Modern Convenience

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Here is another tech gadget promising the convenience of consolidating credit card and banking information in a device that you can carry in place of a wallet.

I see all of these new innovations and alarms go off. Every sovereign individual needs to be vigilant and very protective of personal and financial information. This is just another step towards the push for a one world currency and central banking for all.

It also is another deceptive ploy to pass off the need for Biometrics and RFID tags in everyday life as a normal and acceptable practice.

iCache Please! (Papers Please!)

Don't have your iCache with you? Sorry, we cannot exchange goods or services with you today. For a compelling and chilling view of what may lie ahead, visit Aaron Russo's website and videos. I believe he has an accurate depiction of how our freedoms are vanishing, and will continue to be eroded by government and big business (see Orwellian).

Sadly, Aaron lost his battle with cancer, and died last month. He will be missed as a voice in the wilderness. It makes no sense to me why our society is being bombarded with the notion of free trade agreements and open borders, and at the same time we are told there is a need for Real ID, more surveillance, and the electronic tracking of every man, woman, and child for our own protection (documented citizens and freedom of movement).

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