North America Not Alone in Loss of Freedoms

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It seems that new found friends the French are getting a dose of what the USA has experienced with the ongoing fear mongering, making way for more executive orders, less control of borders, and the steady stream of freedoms lost since 911.

Remember when fast food chains quit calling French Fries "French Fries" in protest of France? Well, the US and France are buddies again.

Good for them, and the irony is that there would probably be no US of A, if the French had not pulled the US bacon out of the fire to end the Revolution. Now both countries seem to be on similar paths again with regard to loss of liberties.

Call me crazy, but there certainly seems to be a push for global trade zones, and less national sovereignty. The latest being the renewed attempt to ratify L.O.S.T. (Law of the Sea Treaty). It's a great acronym, for much sovereignty is at risk to be "lost".

New blog buddy, Steve Mulligan, sent me this link about the Big Brother surveillance situation in France. Read all about it at: Terrorism: the free pass for any politico's crazed "security" schemes.

Steve lives in the UK, and the they have cameras everywhere. Video monitoring of the general populace is a disturbing trend in Canada and other great countries.

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