WeJetSet to Offer Innovative Solutions for Modern Travel

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A Store and Voice for Modern Travel Culture?

WEJETSET says it will provide innovative and timeless solutions for modern travel. Just might be right for Sovereign Individuals and the "PT" in you. I have had some email contact with the company, but little yet is known about the product and service offerings. Still, it is a good online business concept...stay tuned.

From The WeJetSet Website

"WEJETSET is your online destination for premium travel goods. Upon the opening of our online store, the inventory will consist of design forward, functional items that represent a spectrum of goods ideal for the smart traveler. These products include travel solutions, carry-on-bags, backpacks, luggage, packing aids, apparel and other items to enhance the travel experience."

Bookmark the website for future updates at www.wejetset.com

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