The Sovereign Journey Dials It Down

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I wanted to post that The Sovereign Journey is no longer frequently updated for the simple fact that there is not enough interest or feedback for this blog. Here is some advice to those of you that may be new to blogging. "Don't flog your dead horses".

Today I post just a few links about a few developments that should be of concern to sovereign individuals living in what is shaping up to become the North American trade zone. These three links concern privacy rights, Second Amendment issues, and new surveillance technology being placed into service.

Watch this video of a motorist getting tasered for refusing to sign a traffic ticket as an example that there is something fundamentally wrong with our government starting at the lowest levels.

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PS - This does not mean that my personal sovereign journey is over. Far from it...I just no longer have the time for frequent updates in the public forum of this blog. Nothing stays the same, and that too may change. - Digital Nomad

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