Encrypting ISP Services for Privacy

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Sovereign Individuals are constantly asked what they are afraid of, and what they have to hide. In an open and a free society, that question should not even have to be considered. The voluntary or authoritative loss of your personal freedoms will not help to stop the bad guys. They already have the resources to create the necessary workarounds, and the latest and greatest that money can buy. Ultimately, there is no legal or moral authority to legitimize the loss of liberty that results from surveillance and police state powers.

Here is a simple test. Are you uncomfortable if somebody peers over your shoulder on a compute screen, or when you make an ATM transaction? Do you send snail mail in an open letter, or do you seal the envelope? Would you keep bank books, credit card statements, or other private records in an open and unattended vehicle?

So here is the point. Your virtual world should be availed the same privacy and protections as your analog world. There really is no reason why emails, search terms, chat sessions, or any other part of your online persona should be an open book. Why should your ISP store and monitor everything you do online as if you are a suspect? Why should any government be allowed to spy on everyday citizens and the general population?

So, take action and make your existing Internet connection secure, encrypted and anonymous — wherever you happen to be. Sounds good.

"With Perfect Privacy you can anonymize and encrypt your whole Internet. Regardless whether you like to browse, keep a blog, write emails, run a business, transfer money, download images, exchange files or chat, you will always be unobserved and safe."

Perfect-Privacy Dot Com
is one of many companies that promotes an encrypted Internet connection to keep your identity and privacy protected from unwanted eyes. If you like the idea, you will have to visit the website for the sales pitch at www.perfect-privacy.com. This is not a recommendation of this service, just an interesting observation.

Does it work? Who knows. Let's face it...governments can be considered to have unlimited resources, and if you are involved in illegal or criminal activity...well, that's a different story.

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