Watching Out for Big Brother with Little Brother

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I came across this link while doing searches on encrypted email software and services and thought it was worth a post for the Sovereign Journey fan base. These products and services are starting to get more play. This blog may have been ahead of the curve, but from what I read the rest of the world may be catching up.

Little Brother is here to thwart Big Brother. I have sent away for more information on this product and service, and this is not an endorsement as of yet. Here is some info from the website.

"Little Brother is the first really sensible answer for those who want encrypted email. Little Brother has global access, so you can receive and send email from anywhere in the world, no limit to the number of email, no roaming charges, no need to log on or log in... and no need to keep running over to check for email, because Little Brother alerts you when you have email. Little Brother fits in your pocket and goes where you go, and Little Brother is totally compatible with all the latest Blackberry accessories including PC docking cradle, PC synchronization software, Bluetooth Headset and so on. Banks, attorneys, investment firms, companies, families, lovers, or any group of colleagues to whom privacy is a requirement now have an option that provides perfect service without any of the inconveniences previously associated with encrypted email. No matter where you are in the world you've got your Little Brother."

Assuming you could use the pre-programmed Little Brother Blackberry for all your other telecommunication services, it just might be worth it. However, it appears only to be data enabled.

If you have any experience using PGP, Hushmail, or other email encryption on a laptop or with wireless devices and networks, please leave a comment. The Sovereign Journey is also researching VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).

Here's hoping that you are at least thinking about it. -Digital Nomad

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