A Sick View and Possibly Very Real Future for the Internet (US Version)

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Here is an accurate review of recent historical events and a chilling projection of what the future could hold for the Internet and Telecom in the US (Technos). It is amazing that people do not see this coming. What is even more amazing is only 40+ people have viewed this series of videos, since they have been on YouTube since September 2007, and the Annenberg Center Principals for Net Neutrality were first written about at BoingBoing almost two years ago.

This is the "how" and the "why" technological innovation could become a thing of the past in North America, and why Europe and Asia are becoming the darlings of the new technology. It's all on the Internet for you to read and see right now. You do not have to be a Sovereign Rights advocate to understand the importance of Net Neutrality. Double click on the chart for a larger view.

Graphic Credit: HonoluluAdvertiser.com

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