US Eavesdropping Laws Extended by Government

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Yep..."you don't have anything to worry about...if you don't have anything to hide..."

Looks like most people would see that with a little history review on how well government has handled the task of roping in the bad guys throughout the recent past, we have a pretty good snapshot of the probable future. Government attempts have worked really superb as far back as Prohibition, have always worked well against the Drug Trade, and more recently have a stellar track record battling Illegal Immigration. Now we are told that the loss of more liberties and privacy is the best way to protect the country against Terrorists.

"Senate Republican leaders on Tuesday reversed their opposition to extending the existing law, saying they would agree to an extension if the Senate could swiftly pass a new surveillance bill. That legislation, favored by the White House, includes giving retroactive legal immunity to telecommunications companies that allowed the government to wiretap their customers without court permission." -

Bad people...doing bad things, are not going to bother to make application for so-called Real ID, and they certainly are not going to use the PSTN, or any other open networks to communicate between each other. Read about the extension of unchecked and continued abuse, and some of the well documented misuses going unnoticed and under-reported by the mainstream media.

Then follow the link and watch a video on amateur hacking to see just how easy it is to avoid detection with a private telephone network that can be set up just about anywhere in the world with access to broadband and the Internets. Why Wire Tapping Is Defeated by VoIP

Should you think this might be technically difficult, watch the video below of a teenager hacking VoIP with a Nintendo DS game system.

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