SpiderWeb Meets the Sovereign Individual

Absence make the heart grow fonder. I have missed my blogging about being a Sovereign Individual, but have been embedded in self education. The world has changed in just a few short months.

The time away has served it's purpose in preparation as part of my efforts to be mobile, self-sustained, and always being digital.

Blogging by itself is not the path to earning. Anyone that tells you different is a liar, or the exception. Internet marketing is certainly viable and increasing attractive, but not as easy as the gurus would have you believe.

Now I am on the path to a new online business model. Not totally concrete, but I can tell you that automation is still a big part of it. I thought part of that plan would be the auto pilot system called The SpiderWeb Marketing System, but on balance it is a flop. I still use it for lead generation, but other than that it will not perform as advertised.

I still know that the future is about learning how to market online and finding the right tools. I can tell you that it boils down to three things. Keywords, content, and links. I have paid a small ransom to get that part of the formula right. The rest of the formula is unavoidable, and without any shortcuts. You need to learn SEO and you need to learn how to build your own websites...and lots of them.

Seriously, we are talking maybe a couple a week, and possibly one every other day. Now you know why people fail at Internet marketing. It is hard work, and yo have to do it yourself. It involves several skill sets that are not hard, but have to be carried out in sequence. The other variable is time. Not exactly for part timers.