Reform Economics, End of Oil Economy

Global Economy Trends

You probably have landed here because you are looking for a way out. You have lost your job or career, maybe your financial nest egg, and you are pretty much fed up with the way the economy and your personal situation is shaping up for some scary economic times and a lost society.

This original premise of this blog more or less anticipated what is taking place in the world today. It's time to start thinking of yourself and for yourself. Pick yourself up, and start creating your own destiny. No longer updating here, but then you can find many of the answers you are looking for at the reincarnation of this blog website.

Many of the original articles and ideas are being revamped with updates for actionable items and resources that you should consider. No longer will you be able to hold faith in the current system as it deteriorates, literally before your eyes.

Time to move on and create your own reality for the future, whatever it may hold.