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Time to reconsider what your freedoms and being sovereign is all about. Now that economies are crashing, jobs are being lost, and wealth is shrinking, what are you as an individual going to do immediately and in the near future.

Will you be looking to your government for a handout? What happens when the government runs out of resources? Do you realize that for the most part, the people are the government? Even in oppressive regimes, the government in power relies on the work product of the people as the major force and engine for wealth creation, and the growing of an economy through consumption.

Take control of your personal and financial freedom and you will lead a more stress free and prosperous life. You will make the right choices to increase your freedom by choice and not by chance. You will have a plan both personally and professionally. You will gain the privacy you ultimately desire, your life will be more secure, and no longer will you have to worry about politics and bureaucracy.

The Sovereign is the natural extension of this blog. It is a website that will be charting the course you need to consider in order to say goodbye to many of the problems related above. Maybe you are ready to achieve your own financial freedom and independence, and then break free from the current system and finally live life on your own terms.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, government(s) is/are systematically and gradually taking away rights, freedoms, privacy, and real and personal property. How far will they be allowed to go before the people say no? It's a trade off between promised government entitlements and the sovereignty of natural law. It's time to make the decision to become self sufficient.