Locating Cheap Web Hosting in the Philippines

By Jeffrey Fang

Philippines " Web Hosting Destination in Southeast Asia. Cheap web hosting can be hard to get by in the Philippines. More often than not, individuals and companies offering cheap web hosting services are merely reselling this service from other companies. Thus, there is no assurance of excellent web hosting and customer service support for the people who avail of this kind of service. Unfortunately, a lot of people fall prey to these services because of its inexpensive price.

In order to get cheap yet quality web hosting, you have to get one at a place where multiple web hosting options are aplenty. This can be usually found in countries of large population and are therefore catering to several companies at the same time.

In Southeast Asia, the Philippines can be a top web hosting location. With 90 million people in the country, you can surely find several web hosts willing to offer their services for a cheap price. Although there are those companies who resell web hosting services, there are trusted web hosting companies who make sure that all the business needs of their clients are met.

With a population close to 90 million, there is surely a cost-effective web hosting solution for anyone needing it. Location wise, the Philippines is an ideal place for web hosting services since websites hosted here are not covered by the restrictions of the Western countries.

A commendable place to search for cheap web hosting in the Philippines is its capital city, Manila. Manila is clearly the center of commerce in the country. And with the 14 million residents in its metropolitan area, you will surely find a cheap web hosting service for your business needs.

What Makes Cheap Web Hosting? Basically, cheap web hosting is a result of the breakdown of hosting expenses between several companies. Small companies do not really need an entire server for their online presence, thus they may choose to share disk space and bandwidth of a server with other several companies. This arrangement is usually termed as shared server hosting.

This arrangement is commonly called as the shared server hosting. With shared server hosting, the bandwidth and disk space of a server is divided among different companies with each company paying for a fragment of the server. Because of this, web hosting companies do not need to assign one server to a particular business and thus allow them to break up the costs. This is when cheap web hosting service can occur.

When a business grows however, it may need to expand web development requirements and design needs, which can require a dedicated server or a virtual private server. Nonetheless, companies starting out online will benefit a lot from a shared server arrangement because it is usually more convenient and is way cheaper than dedicated servers and virtual private servers.

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