Start Your Sovereign Journey with Online Marketing

Everybody is going to have different ideas about what being sovereign means to them personally. One huge aspect of freedom is creating passive income, and this can be done using the web. I have found that making money online is not all that easy for most people, however, it is still very possible. One concept that holds true is to start small and learn the ropes of online marketing, and once you find what works you can then scale things up. This is truly a journey and will take time and hard work.

Most of the information you need to get started is available for free online, The trick is to have a reasonable goal (even if it is only earning $5 a day to begin). For most people this will mean something like becoming an Adsense publisher, selling products through affiliate networks, or offering your own service or product online for a small fee via a website like

If you get good at online marketing, then you will understand how to promote just about anything with a website. As an example, here is the site of a friend that sells products as a dealer for "Kicker Car Audio" in the automotive niche. This should demonstrate that you can just about pick any type of product to promote online. You just have to get a little creative and find the right niche that is not too competitive, or come up with a unique angle.

You can get started and learn about building websites for free at