Success and Work Life Balance

A good deal has been written of discovering an appropriate balance between work and life, and this post is not intended to discredit any of that body of work. Many people in their quest for success both online and off-line can create disaster in their career path. You need to understand and you need to be aware of how too much work can affect personal relationships (even leading to relationship cheating of one or both partners because of various aspects of work).

True success and freedom is more than one dimensional, and if you are centering entirely on work, business, or career, then your personal life will suffer for it.

Even limiting your view of success to the two dimensions of work and personal life can lead to a lack of balance in both areas of your life.

Also consider that relationships are not only of the amorous sort. Relationships include friends, family, colleagues, mentors, customers and the community. It's important to develop strong bonds and in both close personal relationships and also your professional relationships.