Niche Websites for Passive Income

Newcomers to online marketing often question the best way to start generating some passive online income. Believer it or not, it is not that difficult once you understand the process.

Many seasoned Internet Marketers will tell you they started out by first building small niche market website. These also can be blogs, or sites built on micro-blogging platforms like Squidoo and HubPages.

The key is to be in the correct niches and to build a large network of sites. If you build 2 websites a week in your spare time, you can easily build over 100 sites in a year that can earn just a few dollars a day. To see how powerful this concept is...imagine that you had 100 websites that average just $2 a day in passive income. That could potentially be $200 a day.

The best part is that you only have to spend a few hours upfront researching and building each website, and then they are pretty much on auto-pilot.

The best niches to enter when you start out is what is often referred to as the "evergreen" niches. These include anything to do with finances or wealth building, health and wellness like weight loss, and relationship niches like dating, or anything to do with relationship issues. Here is a good example of a health and wellness niche website illustrated at HCG for Weight Loss.