Poilitics: Do Sovereigns Bother To Vote Anymore?

If you are serious about being sovereign, you are probably more of a "righty" then a "lefty". That is just a best guess based on the general rules of the political game as played on a mostly asleep at the wheel electorate.

It really does not matter if you are trying to escape reality and hitting the highway as a biker decked out in your leathers, complete with biker rings and handmade copper earrings, or have figured out a way to skip the country as an expatriate for greener pastures in Europe, Asia, and points in between.

The US of A is at a crossroads both socially and economically, but this blog by all rights is generally apolitical. We do think it quite strange that just about every group has a political agenda. Yes, even the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) has a published 2010 AMA Voter Guide. The point is you should vote for something.