Spotting Fads and Trends

Spotting Trends to Develop Online Niche Markets

Learning how to discover trends online is important for your success in marketing online. It goes something like this: Fads become trends, trends become styles, and some styles become a genre.

Not all fads become trends, not all trends become styles, and so on and so forth. This also relates to popular culture, and many clues can be found if you look to music, art, and fashion when trying to identify online marketing niches. Find the right market and you can turn it into an online business with a blog or website.

Remember Disco Dancing? Well that may be a stretch for the younger generation, but this fad went on to create the DJ craze. Many people today make a living as a DJ, and entertaining at events from weddings to frat parties. And yes, you can find all kinds of things online to equip such a business, like Chauvet Lighting for an off-line entertainment business of being a DJ.