Get Started with Setting Goals

It's never to early to start reviewing accomplishments, shortcomings, and setting some goals for the new year. Things I have learned and revisited this year include developing a list of end goals that are attainable, measurable, and to make sure that they are written down.

I then create process goals, or what I call objectives. These are things that get you closer to your end goals. They are stepping stones. A lot of people will think this is all way to simplistic, but the fact is that it really does work. There are other aspects of "mind skills" I have found to work that involve neuro-linguistic programming and ways to think and use the subconscious, which also includes self-hypnosis.

I have been working with some people that are trained in psychology and performance coaching, and this has helped me to see that much of the technology is the same process with different names. Look around online and you will find that there are numerous courses, and goal setting software available, too.

These are all valid approaches to building mind skills, allowing you to perform at a higher level.