Believing in Yourself to Never Give Up

I recently read where Michael Jordon has purchased a home in Florida for $12.4 million. Here is a crazy little story that won't be widely known. Yes, people may know the famous story how Jordon failed to make the cut on his first try-out for his his high school basketball team, and then went on to become one of the best known figures in sports. However, this is a personal experience I had that came to mind along with a smile as I read the news story about his new home in Florida.

As a young man, I worked at an advertising agency back in the mid 80s when Michael was first drafted by the Chicago Bulls. This ad agency shot one of the very first TV commercials that featured Jordon with a speaking part. I will never forget when members of the creative team came back to the office and reported how disappointed they were with his performance, and predicting that Jordan had no future endorsing products. Yet, Michael went on to become famous for performing his slam dunks and earning the now famous moniker of "Air Jordon".

Talk about a poor call. Many year later and after years of retirement, Jordon has still not lost his touch. People still line up to buy cheap Jordans, or any other product associated with "His Airness". Jordon remains one of the most effectively marketed athletes today, and a testament to the fact that a very large part of personal success is having the courage to believe in yourself when others don't.