Mobile Web for Better SEO Results

One of the things you can do now to help promote any kind of business is to build a mobile version of your traditional website. If you are using WordPress as a platform there a several plugins you can use that will make your site more mobile friendly. MobilePress is one of the best.

You can also use many free services like to build a simple mobile website. Other options are to create a mobile version and then create a CNAME record to point to a "m." or a ".mobi" top level domain.

Google has recently indicated that they will index mobile sites separate from traditional websites, but still serve a mobile view on mobile devices for regular websites. Once you build a mobile site you then need to consider the fact that search engine optimization (SEO) is a little different for the mobile web.

Start by submitting your mobile sites to free mobile directories you can find online via search like This directory also has a mobile url that can be accessed at, and a dot mobi version at Build back links to your new mobile site just like you would for a traditional website.

You can read more about the mobile web and building mobile websites at "The Mobile Web Directory Blog".