Prophecies For 2012: Do You Believe?

By Henry Pilsner

There are an unlimited number of prophecies of 2012. Many people have difficulty understanding what they are supposed to mean for the future of the universe. Many of the predictions are connected to the end of the world. Some other issues are being forecast as well for this time frame. Another viewpoint is about a spiritual awakening that will take place at this time.

It is nearly impossible to understand with any degree of proficiency what will happen when any time in history takes place. People should usually attempt to make their decisions based on things that are in the best interest of everyone involved in their life in a certain time. Making decisions based on what other people have forecasted can be appropriate, but only after you yourself have done the research should you trust another persons observation, especially when it comes to 2012 predictions.

There is a system of beliefs that leads people to believe that they will be more aware at this time regarding how they should live their life. This is a good thing because most people want to be more spiritually aware than they already are. If a person is aware of the consequences of the actions they take they will be more careful in the future. The ability to prevent negative consequences is something that virtually everyone benefits from.

History has shown that there are times when things that are spoken to not come to pass. Expecting anything coming to pass with 100% certainty is never a good idea. Becoming overly worried about what may happen is usually very detrimental to the future of any individual. The opportunity to change the world is available to every person at any given moment. This is not good for people who are missing chances to change the world.

Nearly every person will want to know what is going to happen in the future. This is the desire to be able to have control over what is yet to come. Not knowing what is going to happen in the future can often cause a great deal of anxiety. When people do not understand what could happen in the future they will make incorrect decisions.

The future is constantly changing and most people must understand that the prophecies and predictions of 2012 are only the opinions of certain individuals. The problem with this is that these opinions do not have any long-term merit unless they are given credibility. Speaking with other people regarding these issues can be both positive and negative.

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